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Therapeutic Massage for Posture Correction

At Vancouver Physio and Sports Clinic we offer therapeutic massage services to aid in posture correction. 

When a person has forward head posture, they regularly suffer from a variety of discomfort issues, including strain in between the shoulder blades, neck discomfort, migraines, rigidity and general pain throughout the body. The contracting of the muscles makes position correction more difficult as muscles constantly draw the spine away from alignment, and restrict normal range of motion in the neck, shoulders and spine. For this reason we urge our patients to try restorative massage to speed up the pose modification process. Physiotherapists are extremely concerned regarding the posture of their patients, as it can make a huge difference in a person's healing process.

Just how massage can benefit posture correction:

When muscles are rigid and strained, they are more resistant to position adjustment procedures and stretches. Therapeutic massage therapy helps the muscles and soft tissues to end up being more responsive and pliable. Therapy last much longer when muscles are relaxed, and people not only see a visible improvement in their posture, they start to feel an alleviation of their symptoms more rapidly.


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