Treating Carpal Tunnel using Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy modalities such as ultrasound or acupuncture to assist minimize irritation in the carpal tunnel and of the compressed nerve.

Nerve mobilization methods to lessen and distribute irritation bordering the nerve and enhance its flexibility as it takes a trip through the neck, arm, and carpal tunnel.

Postural education and learning, specifically for computer use, with a focus on neck and thoracic stance, and also wrist position and overall workstation set-up.

Education on wrist placements to stay away from, and using wrist braces or taping procedures that protect against taking on aggravating wrist placements.

Hands-on manual treatment methods at the cervical spinal column if a nerve entrapment issue at the neck is located to be a contributing aspect.

Stretching and reinforcing exercises to lower muscle rigidity and weak point in the forearm, wrist, hand, and postural muscles, which may be adding to signs.