Injuries from Swimming

On the surface it would certainly appear that swimming injuries are rare compared with that of various other sporting activities. Nevertheless, swimming is proclaimed to be one of the best and safest types of physical exercise. The fact is that injuries do occur among newbies as well as competitive swimmers. The main areas that are wounded while swimming are the shoulder and the knee. These injuries are typically called swimmers shoulder and breast-stroke knee respectively. Muscular tissue injury can happen and also injuries of the back and neck.

The back, neck and upper spine can also come to be harmed while swimming as a result of repeated movements. To avoid back pain while swimming, you need to examine your method. Unexpected, jerky movement can put pressure on your neck and upper spinal column. Putting on a life vest or various other flotation device could assist you keep effective type while swimming. If back injury does take place, you need to relax from the task, use ice and find physiotherapy therapy. Specially developed exercises to stretch and enhance the muscular tissues could be just what you require. Do not be reluctant to call us at Vancouver Physiotherapy if you have any one of these injuries.