Nutrition and Physiotherapy

The significance of “nutrition” is the act or procedure of nurturing or being nourished. Nevertheless, for many individuals, their way of eating does little to nourish their bodies and even promotes disease. At Vancouver Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic we treat a number of clients who fall under this category and suffer from such conditions as cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, obesity, diabetic issues and so on. Let us look at some of these conditions and exactly how physiotherapy can help.

Obesity— It is a known reality that poor nutrition and lack of exercise can lead to obesity, which can trigger a few of the diseases provided above. By starting a physiotherapy program, an individual can stave off obesity and its ill effects. Exercise assists remove sugar cravings which are a leading cause of obesity. It enhances energy and advertises better sleep which also assist do away with excess weight.

Heart disease— A diet high in saturated fats and salt can add to heart disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and stroke. It would be easy to tell somebody who is guilty of eating these foods to stop eating them, but routines resist. Getting involved in a physiotherapy program tailored just for you can boost your heart muscles, improve circulation and blood supply and assist you get rid of heart disease. Physiotherapy is typically advised to patients recovering from heart surgical treatment to help them gain back strength and endurance.

Diabetes— Physiotherapy can assist you lower your blood glucose. While there are risks for diabetics during exercise, the advantages far surpass them. Exercise assists your body manage the hormone insulin. Some people suffer with pins and needles, tingling and loss of feeling in their feet. As your physiotherapist in Vancouver, we will teach you how to analyze your feet to make certain there are no blisters, advise on the right type of shoes and stockings to use so you do not get blisters. Also, working out with your physiotherapist will guarantee that the essential safety measures are taken in case your blood glucose drops.

Stroke— Poor nutrition can lead to hypertension which in turn can lead to stroke. This is among the many conditions that need physiotherapy. Paralysis on one side, lack of feeling, spasticity (tightness) or flaccidity (floppiness) in the limbs may be present. A Physiotherapy program is usually tailored towards the neurological deficits the client displays. The client might regain full or partial use of the limbs that were affected. If, as takes place in some cases, very little recuperation is made, the therapist will instruct the patient how to compensate for his deficits so he can be as independent as possible.

Good nutrition is crucial to health, but if it is neglected and condition happens, physiotherapy can assist to put you back on your feet and offer you the tools to lead a much better life. Give us a call at Vancouver Physiotherapy and Sports Clinic or come in and see us today.