Prevent Yoga Injuries

The most usual yoga injuries occur as a result of repeated pressure on the wrists, shoulders, neck, knee, spine column, hamstrings and the sacroiliac joint (which links the spinal column and the pelvis). 

Yoga is a great addition to any sort of physical health and fitness program, but you can come to be harmed while doing Yoga if you do not know exactly what you are doing, or if you have physical issues for which Yoga could be contraindicated. We can assist you to become ready for Yoga and proceed safely to attain maximum benefit from your classes.

Some suggestions to prevent injury while participating in Yoga:

– See us or your physician initially if you have any sort of type of chronic health issues.

– Find a qualified trainer, or better yet, ask us for a recommendation.

– Implement warm ups prior to starting your Yoga session. Attempting to stretch cold muscles and ligaments can induce trauma.

– Look for the kind of Yoga that meets your fitness needs. Not all types of Yoga are developed the same. Some are more stressful on the body and may disagree with people with specific disorders.

– Put on appropriate clothing that allows for convenience of movement.

– If you are a beginner, start slowly and do not try positions that you are not yet comfortable with.

– Drink lots of fluids, specifically if joining Bikram or “hot Yoga”.

– Ask your instructor if you are not sure about a pose.

– If you experience pain or fatigue while doing Yoga, stop and rest.