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Symptoms and Treatments for Whiplash

Symptoms of whiplash are:

Pain and stiffness in the neck, shoulder and lower back.

Headaches in the back of the head.

Pain and/or tingling in the arm.


Ringing in the ears.

Blurred vision.

There may be cognitive troubles such as lack of concentration and memory loss.

Psychological issues; sleep problems, depression and irritation.


Whiplash is an extremely common injury that can impact anyone. There have actually been cases of whiplash in people driving at 5 miles per hour. When the body is struck from behind, the head bobs back and forth, triggering a whiplash.

In extreme motor car accidents, whiplash can damage the spinal cord, resulting in neurological disorder or paralysis below the level of the injury.

An X-ray is usually done to see if there is damage to the vertebral column, or an MRI to pick up any soft tissue injury. Putting on a soft cervical collar is recommended to alleviate pain and prevent additional injury, however this need to just be worn for 2 to three weeks. Some cases of whiplash do not require extensive medical treatment.

We will use ultrasound or electrical stimulation to relieve pain and get you started on range-of-motion and enhancing exercises. We will also monitor functional activities to ensure that you perform these safely and return to your normal activity levels.


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